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Hier geht es zu den Krebsfällen in spanischen Schulen

Spanien: Krebsfälle bei Mobilfunksender in Motril-Granada

Date: 20 Jan 2005



Thousand motrileños (granada) they blame to an antenna
of the 17 cases of cancer of the neighborhood

They recognize that does not have tests but «do not they believe in
coincidences» after suffering the proliferation of this illness


The neighbors of the neighborhood of San Antonio are of the nerves» and an
antenna of phone system blames him. They do not have any test that permit to
relate cause and effect but after seventeen cases of cancer appeared in recent
years in the dwellings that surround the antenna and the inconveniences of
dream that suffers half a neighborhood, no longer they believe in the coincidences.

The neighbors attribute all their wrongs to the antenna and they have itself
placed on the warpath to obtain that comply the municipal ordinance that
obliges to move away the stations of phone system a minimum of 500 meters of the
urban helmet. His, they have it to two meters of the dwellings and to scarce
fifty of a school. The neighbors of San Antonio have collected already about a
thousand firms and tomorrow Monday gather with the City Hall of Motril, al
that intend to imply in its fight to obtain that the telephone company move away
the antenna of the neighborhood. While some neighbors are «willing all» and
already they speak to cut streets and highways, the most numerous group prefers
«to ask aid to the politicians» and to exhaust the way 'diplomatic' with the business.

The antenna carries more than 40 years integrated in the neighborhood, in the
north zone of Motril, but the neighbors complain that in recent years they
are being added to the fixed antenna more plates for the mobile phone system..
As it explains Francisco Sáez, president of the neighbors Associations
Confederacy of Motril, some four years ago, before the first neighborhood complaints,
the business carried out measurements of the emission of radiation and all the
parameters that presented were down of the legal limits. «But now they have
placed more antennae and from there the discomfort of the neighbors», summarizes Sáez.

One of the motrileñas that runs into since 23 years ago with the tome
telephone nothing more to leave or to look at for the window of its house is Puri
Ortega. To her nobody removes him of the head that the radiation that emits the
antenna are carcinogenic. «Last month were putting more plates in the
antenna. We go to worse. In forty houses, almost twenty cases of cancer already is
too much, ...», comments restless. The neighbors coincide besides in which
the noise that emits the antenna is done unbearable by the nights. «My older
daughter had the low platelets, other neighbors cannot sleep, ... Who
guarantees us that he is not because of the antenna? », he adds Puri, that assures to
be arranged «to go to Madrid, to mobilize us and to what do lack».

The City Hall will act

«I am of the nerves and is because of the antenna», Bethlehem coincides
Jerónimo, another of the neighbors of the neighborhood that head the movement of
protest. «In my house we raise ourselves and we go to bed with headache. My
neighbor died of cancer. There are too many cases of inconveniences, abortions,
headaches, and what do not we know! The antenna cannot be so near the
houses, someone has to help us», he adds Bethlehem.

Since the area of Environment of the City Hall of Motril they have clear that
will do an effort so that comply the ordinance in force, that obliges to move
away the antennae of phone system of the urban helmet, and more in these
cases in which is produced alarms social. By the quick thing they have revived
the expedient of the antenna of San Antonio and they study what can they do.
The first step will be to ask to the telephone company that present the
permission of the antenna: in the City Hall one of the year is evident 68 but lack to
verify if there is authorization for the new plates. «We will carry out the
measurements that do lack to see the level of radiation», calms down the
councilman of Environment, Bonifacio Pérez.


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