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update about Usfie 18.02.05
Israel TV show report
The new antennas law passed on the 21.12.2005
100% compensation for the cellular companies
Pele-Phone to forgo building cellular sites, for now
some Good news from Haifa
Mafia in the Israeli Cancer Society
The israeli cellular companies are going to spend 10 million shekels
The israeli cellular company "Cellcom" is going to be issued in the U.S for 1.7 biliion dollars.
Wimax in Israel; Clarins invented a spray against the mobile phones effects...
About Panorama on Israeli newspaper's website - we are the champions of disinformation
TV programme in Israel

TV programme in Israel

Sun, 2 Dec 2007

Today in the evening news there was part A of an investigation on radiation devices in the house (next week on powerlines).

It is in hebrew but you can see and understand the measurements and Salford's research pictures and more.

Avishai Rash (engineer and head of electricity quality in the Israeli branch of the IEEE) and me were measuring radiation (I am with Alasdair Phillips's equipment and pink sweater), and you can see Dr. Zamir Shalita too, he talked about DNA damage.

The programme showed that we are exposed to radiation in the house and how to lower our exposure, this is the first time the subject of radiation in the house received serious treatment on TV in Israel showing
all the devices that emit radiation/ magnetic field. I mentioned that DECT wireless phones emit radiation for 24 hours a day, that there are people who don't want to know but there is evidence but it is not wise to ignore the evidence, mentioned effects on brain waves and heart beats.

They screened me saying that alarm clocks emit magnetic fields, the reporter then asked me - so - what to do, to throw the alarm clocks? I replied that we need to measure everything, to know what you are exposed to and then decide if you want it.


in engl. see here

Wimax in Israel; Clarins invented a spray against the mobile phones effects...

Iris Atzmon
Tue, 17 Oct 2006


15 mayors in Israel took a lawyer and created "the forum of the 15" in order to claim that they represent the public and they press on the minister of environment to deploy Wimax in Israel.

The lawyer who is the executive of the "forum of the 15" said that it is untolerable that we don't have Wimax in Israel because we are in retard of two years after other countries, and an expert said that everyone who resists to Wimax has either economic or ideologic interests, but that the truth is that Wimax "is good for every israeli".

(Yediot Ahronot of last weekend).

Cosmetics and Celullar:

12.10.06 (Maariv) Clarins cosmetics announced in Paris, that they had done 6 years of research on the electromagnetic radiation and found it causes damage to skin cells regeneration -causes 25% reduction of skin regeneration, dries the skin quickly, reduces the skin's protection from pollution. They said the study is going to be published in a scientific journal.

Clarins invented a spray against the mobile phones effects(...), they claim their spray will also protect against air pollutin. the company representative said they help the cellular companies to sell products in safer and healthier way, and not doing demonization to the cell phones. The product will be released in January 2007.

see: Anti-aging care: do not use mobile telephon ! | Intensive Mobilfunknutzung führte in Ägypten zu einer Studie über vorzeitiges Altern
| WiMax tötet es uns? gegen neues Strahleninferno, Versteigerung der Wimax-Frequenzen

The israeli cellular company "Cellcom" is going to be issued in the U.S for 1.7 biliion dollars.

Goldman Zax will lead the the issue of the cellular company in New York stock market.

Maariv Business 27.9.06

From: Iris Atzmon

The israeli cellular companies are going to spend 10 million shekels

18 Jun 2006
From: Iris Atzmon

The israeli cellular companies are going to spend 10 million shekels to calm dowm the israeli public's fear from the celluar technology.

The 3 cellular companies did a press conference today which was reported in the national TV news this evening, "Is it something that turned into psychosis", said the executive of Cellcom company. And the reporter added that the cellular companies are going to invest 10 million shekels to treat the public psychosis.

"I will not do anything that endangers someone" said Cellcom's executive, and added that he is so sure that the antennas cannot do harm, "that I said once, joking, that I am ready to stand in the city square and eat an antenna every day for lunch". "The public is very afraid, and this is exactly what we want to treat" said the executive of Partner company. The cellular companies are going to offer the public radiation measurements that they will fund, and the cost for the citizen will be 200 shekels, "earnest fee" as the cellular companies call it. Partner executive said "We are convinced that the results will be good, becuase we check it anyway".

Mafia in the Israeli Cancer Society

investigative report about the Israeli Cancer Society

Thursday, May 11, 2006

An excellent breakthrough- the first strong, significant investigative report is published in Globes economic newspaper, about the conflicts of intersts in the Israeli Cancer Society and how they downplay the role and weight of environmental carcinogens in cancer, also avoidance from funding research on the subject. It is very long but all of the article (5000 words) is one strong exposure and criticism about the people who work for the society and at the same time they own/ belong to the most polluting industries. And the stress is given by the society to avoid the sun, eat "balanced" diet but people are not protected from cancer because environmental causes are ignored and people continue to be exposed. There are examples and proofs of how different members of the society (and also as a group) - avoid touching the industries that feed them with money.

The cellular business has its own section - shortly it details names of people who are invested in the cellular companies (stocks) and manage the society, an executive of a cellular company was the manager of the "knock on the door" operation in which people go from house to house to collect money for the society. it also says for the first time (I asked the reporter to find out about it) that "the contribution of the society to the study INTERPHONE is considered in the part of sum which is not funded by the cellular companies, although part of the society's money comes from the same companies".

And it also relates to professor Yossi Riback, head of occupational and environmental unit at the public health school of Tel Aviv university, who sits in the committee of environmental carcinogens of the Israeli Cancer Society while he is also a paid expert of the cellular companies.

The husband of the executive of the Israeli Cancer Society is the manager of the biggest industrial disposal site in the country and is running the council of several industries in south Israel - part of his role is, of course, to claim that the industries don't pollute the country.

It is good to translate it but I don't have the energy/ time right now, if people want it to be tralated I will do that but not now.


the full document, .pdf, 117 KB

The Israeli army is going to map with GIS map

17 Mar 2006
From: Iris Atzmon

The Israeli army is going to map with GIS map - 22 risk factors including power lines, cellular antennas, radars, areas with pesticides, disposal sites, polluted ground sites. Every commander will sit in front of the computer before he takes the soldiers to train, and check if there is any risk factor for his soldiers in the area he's going to take them to train/practise. There are clear instructions about each risk factor of how to behave and the commander has to take that in considerations, for example, it is forbidden to be closer than 7 meters from a power line for more than 24 hours. a short summary from Haaretz 17.3.2006 (Only the hebrew version, I didn't find it in english)
The IDF learnt the lesson from the Kishon disaster, although it still directs soldiers to dive in the carcinogenic water of the Kishon river these days, and doesn't admit in the problem, and ignores the study.

But the IDF understands the risk very well, and for the first time in the history, recognizes the antennas, radars, power lines, as serious risks that shouldn't be ignored. If the the israeli army recognizes this- then it can happen anywhere else in the world.

the headline says: " 'An environmental map' will prevent damage to soldiers"

It is important also to mention the first of the 5 instructions as written in the news about "Where it's forbidden to train":

"1) Radiation: It is forbidden to train near radiation sources, which include transformers, powerlines, and antennas."

(other instructions forbid training near sources of soil pollution, like pesticides areas, disposal sites, areas in which there were cases of diseases of animals, and it is forbidden to swin in polluted streams, and all the streams in Israel are defined as polluted - as the newspaper states).

And another thing: A party took place in a kindergarden in Haifa 6 meters of which, was a huge cellular antenna.

The kindergarden owner together with a journalist, with the vice mayor, a nice person from the Env. Ministry, with my help with data and measurement devices, and mainly with the activity of the kindergarden owner himself -fighting the cellular companies' dirty tricks, (for example, they came at night with shirts of the power company and lied they were from the power company in order to re-operate the antennas again and again although they were illigal !! and there were more tricks). Anyway. in the party, with 200 people and no-more-worried parents, they celebrated their victory of the antennas removal, the Environment ministry person and the vice mayor received special certificates of acknowledgements for their blessed work which finally won the agressive companies. (pictures of the party were published in the locals newspapers).

The cellular companies will have to pay compensation of 100% to the local authorities

summary from Haaretz news 3.1.06 by Eran Gabai and Maariv national newspaper 3.1.06

The cellular companies will have to pay compensation even without a proven health harm

The cellular companies will have to pay compensation of 100% to the local authorities, according to the decision of the national authority for planning and construction from today, and the decision will enter to validity immediately.

The committee stressed that since local authorities do not share the profits of the cellular industry, there is no reason why they should pay/ be responsible to pay to citizens who sue for property value reduction.

A strong hit for the cellular companies. The national authority for planning and construction decided today that the compensation document (commitment of the cellular companies to pay) will serve as a condition to every permission of cellular antennas. Lawsuits of hundreds of millions shekels were filed until today. The authority will present its decision to the government. A journey of pressures is expected from the cellular companies.

The subject of compensation was the central issue which was discussed with regard to the antennas law, which passed in the parliament. According to the new law the cellular companies must pay compensation to the local authorities for future lawsuits for property value reduction, and there is a need to set the distance of antennas from sensitive places.

Meanwhile I also saw a new news item about how it affects the company Pele- phone with one remark: they say it depends on government decision but the law has already passed, so it will make it difficult for them to change this decision. Ariel Sharon is now in the hospital and the companies used to rely on him to act for them. Ehud Ulmert who is now the prime minister instead of Sharon, is also expected to be on the cellular companies side according to past experience.


Pele-Phone to forgo building cellular sites, for now

By Eran Gabay

Last Update: 05/01/2006

Adopting resolution to indemnify cities for lost value will hurt network development, says CEO

Pele-Phone Communications will not set up any more cellular sites for the time being, its CEO Gil Sharon vowed to TheMarker, after the National Planning and Construction Council ordered the cellular carriers to completely, 100%, indemnify local authorities for any claims of impaired apartment value due to proximity to cellular antennas.
The Council's order is limited in time, Sharon points out, and is contingent on government approval.
"We shall act to ensure the interim period is as short as possible, to prevent long-term repercussions for the companies," he said.

If the Council's resolution is accepted by government, the damage to cellular deployment could be significant, Sharon warns. "The practical significance is that in some cases, new neighborhoods and roads, cellular service will be spotty and gradually deteriorate," he says.
"The decision is a grave one and will mean no new cellular sites will be built in Israel. The companies invest vast sums  in network development. The decision is a step backwards and will mean that crucial cellular networks, which people use every day, are hurt," Sharon says, and the victims as cellphones go dead will be consumers.
He says the decision flouts the recommendation of a seven-man panel of ministerial directors-general.
"The panel said that increasing the number of small cellular transceivers is the best way to solve the problem," Sharon declared. "The committee of directors-general ruled that the best solution would be to give the green light to building small sites, with no need for protracted construction permit procedures, and with minimal indemnification."
At present the decision does not bear a financial cost, the Pele-Phone chief executive went on. But adopting the decision would force the companies to eschew building large sites, forcing them to set up small ones at additional cost.

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The antennas law passed at the third call
23 Dec 2005, Iris Atzmonh

The new antennas law passed on the 21.12.2005 with the third call (three calls to pass a law) in the parliament.

The government meant to delay the vote on the law Until the last moment, in order to insert a few changes but finally the law passed in its original form.

The NON IONIZING RADIATION LAW or ANTENNAS LAW comes to put in order the issue of the radiation in Israel by creating a body that will set the radiation standards.

Three main subjects that were put in order in the law

1. Informing the public on the locations of (new) antennas and giving to every citizen the right to resist to the antennas.

2. Compensations that will be given by the cellular companies to the local authorities for reduction of property value lawsuits because of the proximity to antennas.

3. Setting distances from sensitive places.

The National Authority for Planning and Construction is expected to discuss the division of responsibility between the cellular companies and the municipalities.

(From: the antennas law passed at the third call, By Eran Gabai, The Marker 21.12.05)

Israel TV show report

Fri, 30 Sep 2005

The TV news item on the misleading headlines lasted for 15 minutes on the main (and commercial by the way) channel, which is a lot. Prof Franz Adlkofer was the strongest: "The press release was the first mitigation.

At least one can understand it as a mitigation. Because effect that after 10 years of exposure that could be something, was not stressed adequately. This kind of research is more or less determined by the position of the industry and with some support by the governments. And the position of the industry is that there's no risk at all."

One of the researcher, from Britain (Minok was her first name) was asked by the israeli TV what the findings were. Do you think she said they found 1.8 fold increase? NO ! She answered that people who used the phone are not at risk for this type of tumor, and that there are not enough data on people who used phones more than 10 years.

What about the industry funding? did it cause the researchers to be biased? Minok didn't mention the cellular phone companies, but fortunately the reporter made it clear that the international companies particpated in funding the study.

Minok: "The money is channeled through an international cancer agency. So that the research remains independent of the funding."

Prof. Elihu Richter: "It is a misleading. I don't know what the intentions of the researchers were, but what they reported did not reflect the contents of the article".

Dr. Sigal Sadetzki, the israeli researcher of the Interphone, said: "The second finding on the link between use of more than 10 years didn't appear [in the email the researchers sent to the press] and I think it should also be reported to the public. So on one hand, I don't think that on the basis of such findings one can make any headlines or say, I definitely don't see these findings as positive findings, on the other hand, I wouldn't want it to be ignored".

The industry's expert, prof' Yossi Riback said that these findings do require further research but it doesn't stand at any causal examination and is not a reason to stop using the cell phones or to think that these devices really cause this type of tumor. But it's good that they reported on this study, this was the right thing to do.

An academic expert for media/ communication, said that the media is helpless when it receives manipulations of professional material because the media lacks the professional ability to interpret or understand findings that requires expertise.

The point of lack of protection on the public interest was stressed. The reporter repeated and interpreted Adlkofer's
opinion and said that Adlkofer says that these large studies are not to be trusted, because every study is according to the interest of the funder, and governments all over the world are being misled, and the question remains: who serves the users' interest?
"Iris Atzmon"

Quelle: Iris Atzmon, Israel / Klaus Rudolph, Jerusalem Post sowie spanische Internetseiten und

Auch in Israel mehrt sich der Widerstand gegen die gesundheitlichen Risiken der derzeitigen Mobilfunktechnologie. Nach Berichten aus Israel hat es dort in jüngster Zeit mehrere Brandanschläge gegen Mobilfunksender gegeben, die zur Zerstörung der Antennen führten. Im Dorf Osfia sollen in der Umgebung von Mobilfunksendern massiv Krebsfälle aufgetreten sein. Nach dem Krebstod von 3 Jugendlichen haben die Anwohner die Mobilfunkantennen im Ort durch Brandanschläge zerstört. Zuvor hatte es bereits massive Proteste der Anwohner und Demonstrationen gegeben. Nach den Anschlägen gibt es in Osfia keine betriebsfähigen Mobilfunkantennen mehr.

Die "Jerusalem Post" hatte bereits im Jahr 2000 über ähnliche Vorfälle berichtet. Im Dorf Usfiya (südlich von Haifa) wurden im März 2000 18 Menschen verletzt, als junge Leute ebenfalls Brandanschläge auf Mobilfunkantennen der Firmen Motorola und Cellcom ausführten und 16 Antennen gewaltsam entfernten. Das Dorf Usfiya liegt auf dem Berg Mount Carmel. Aufgrund der günstigen topographischen Lage wurden deshalb dort sehr viele Mobilfunkantennen auf eng begrenztem Raum errichtet. Einwohner berichteten von 130 Krebsfällen, von denen viele erst in den letzten Monaten aufgetreten seien.

Hier der komplette Bericht aus Israel von Iris Atzmon auf Englisch:

I will tell you some cases in Israel: There is a village "Osfia" which had antennas and the people were against it. Nothing helped them, they shouted, demonstrated and nothing. How they solved it: They burnt the antennas. Today they don't have antennas at all. Meanwhile: every place where there were the antennas, they had cancer. 3 young guys (17 years old) died.

Another place in my city (I live in Haifa), where there are antennas that don't work, because the people who live there (in a neighbourhood) are against that: they demonstrated and also burnt the antenna. They ere in the city council to talk with the Maire: the problem with him is that he cares only that it is legal, what is legal - he signs. These people declared on a public fight until they win.

We have a surgery in Haifa where I go, they are sandwiched between 2 banks with massive antennas. They will get sick. I went there and gave them to read about it, now they are going to make a petition.

In Haifa and Israel, in many cases if the people bring a petition with signs of many people  that they want the antenna to be taken off, it is taken off. But: nearly no one does it!! We have plenty, plenty, plenty of antennas, just everywhere, and people shut up. The problem is they don't believe in themselves, they think they can't do anything against a company or government. AND the second problem: lack of knowledge. People don't have any idea about what it causes, in most cases, they don't know that they have antennas, they don't know how it looks like, this is the problem, they are living in a lack of awareness almost totally. That is why I want to publish a book.

In Israel what happened is that we have 4 cellular companies. All of them gathered to one office (they present it as non profit thing with the internet letters org. while they are obviously for profit). This office's purpose is to move the fear of people out of the agenda.  How they do it: If someone complains about the antennas, they bring an expert to measure the radiation. Before he comes, they reduce the radiation and then they have a paper which proves that this is low radiation. Then the person shuts up. That's what happened with the surgery I told you about: They invited an expert and they didn't know they were cheated.

What they did in terms of law, is - they demanded from the government to cancel the law which says to inform the  people before they build antenna near their house. They said that it makes their work harder. Of course they got what they wanted.

Iris Atzmon

Hier der komplette Zeitungsbericht der "Jerusalem Post" aus dem Jahr 2000 auf Englisch:

18 injured in Usfiya rioting over cellphone antennas
By David Rudge
Jerusalem Post 3/14/00.

USFIYA (March 15) - At least 18 people, including 10 policemen, were injured yesterday evening during riots in the predominantly Druse village of Usfiya, south of Haifa on Mount Carmel.

The disturbances erupted when several youths set fire to a Cellcom monitoring station in the village after a series of attempts to dismantle antennas of the Motorola and Cellcom firms. According to townspeople, the youths dismantled 16 antennas.

The incidents followed complaints of an increase in the number of cases of suspected cancer among residents, which some blame on radiation from the phone companies' broadcasting stations.

Usfiya, because of its position on Mount Carmel, has become a favored place for siting antennas for mobile phone companies, leading to a concentration in a relatively small area.

Residents say the number of villagers suffering from cancer has neared 130, many of the cases having been discovered in the past few months, and they claim there is a direct correlation with the radar emissions from the antennas.

They are calling on the Health Ministry and other government authorities to conduct independent investigations and not leave the matter solely in the hands of the "interested parties" - the mobile phone companies.

Events took a turn for the worse yesterday when Motorola maintenance workers were attacked at the entrance to the village, where they had intended to carry out repairs to one of the firm's damaged antennas. Police said demonstrators hurled rocks at the employees, whose car and equipment were damaged.

Cellcom workers who arrived to repair the fire damage to the company's monitoring station, housed in a gas station, also were attacked and the restaurant attached to the gas station was damaged.

Police also came under attack from angry residents demanding the removal from the village of all mobile phone antennas.

Scores of people armed with rocks and sticks surrounded the police cars that arrived at the scene, trapping five policemen inside. After an hour the five were released, although in the melee another officer tried to force his vehicle through the crowd, injuring five demonstrators, according to reports from the scene.

Several other protesters were reported wounded by plastic bullets. Residents charged that the arrival of police had inflamed passions, and demanded their immediate removal.

Several policemen were injured and a number were taken to Haifa's Carmel Hospital. In addition, several police vehicles were damaged.

Reports from the village last night said shots had been fired during the rioting, in which demonstrators also tried to block the main road which links Haifa and Daliat al-Carmel.

Magen David Adom set up a temporary emergency treatment station at the scene and paramedics treated three people, at least one suffering from gunshot wounds. Two, suffering from moderate injuries, were later taken to Haifa's Rambam Hospital and the third to Bnei Zion.

The MDA spokesman said at least three other people were  hurt and were treated at the station.

The latest reports from the scene were that seven people had been arrested, although the situation was reported to be very tense at press time.

Bis November 2004, 85 Mobilfunktote im Dorf Osfie gezählt

I attach the map of Osfie in Israel (a village),

you can see that the
blue color is antennas, yellow- radio antennas, green- sick people (105) and red- dead (83 people are dead, by November already 85 are dead). You can see that people are dying and getting sick near the antennas.

All the best
Iris Atzmon

update from 18. Februar 2005

Update about Usfie: 14 additional cancer cases have been found since the map a wife of one of the doctors there, died of cancer several days ago.

Residents of Kibutz Naan claim that the army antennas caused 56 cancer cases

The antennas are located between Naan to Sitria since the '70.

The army's position is that "measurements showed no exceedings and there is no problem".

Most of the cancer patients are less than 40 years old.

The residents brought an expert to measure the radiation, they say he found
radiation level 50-100 times more than the Env. Ministry's standard. These
days, at the same place, very close to the antennas, a big education institution is being built. Many of the residents refuse to send their children there. The only other option for school is at distance of at least half an hour of driving. The defense minister heard yesterday the claims of the residents, and the two sides decided about an expert that both agree on- Prof. Elihu Richter. The defense minister promised that in case an exceeding of radiation will be found, and a link between it and the patients will be found too, then he will correct the problem.

Today this story is going to be presented on TV. One of the cancer patients who was supposed to be interviewed today had to go urgently to the hospital.

update from 23. Januar 2005

From some reason the other picture with the key for colors doesn't get
through my computer so the key is:

Blue- 15 communication masts, over 15 meters
Yellow- 46 cellular and radio masts up to 15 meters
Green- 106 cancer patients
Red- 85 people deceased (reason: cancer).

* Our health authorities say they have no data to calculate from, so they don't know it and can't confirm it, even after they saw the map.

The cancer registration manager says he had difficulties collecting data, so he left what he started. But the mayor answered that Usfie is not a refugee camp, and there is cancer registration for the city.

This data is taken by door to door, collecting the medical files of the patients. Our health authorities say that the reason for the cancer in Usfie is a genetic problem they have, but the medical files don't support this claim.

It is quite an interesting "genetic" problem, which attacks only the citizens who live near masts, and not the others, according to the map.


Blue- 15 communication masts, over 15 meters
Yellow- 46 cellular and radio masts up to 15 meters
Green- 106 cancer patients
Red- 85 people deceased (reason: cancer).
from Dr. Zamir.