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School Study about cancer and phone masts at Gijon


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School Study about cancer and phone masts at Gijon [Spain].

Published at: "La Nueva España" june 20th 2005, see links below.

A school study using official data shows a link between cancer and cellular masts.

Pupils of "La Asunción" [School of Gijón] find that a tumors cluster in the area of emission of the mast.

Between 2000 and 2004 seven thousand had been diagnosed, 1400 each year (in the researched area). Thirteen pupils of 4th grade [last course of secondary school, 16 years old] of the school of "La Asunción", leaded by his physics-chemical teacher, have completed a research work to clarify the possible link between tumors and masts one week before that the Government of José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero [President of Spain] conceded the expansion of permission to the phone companies to all the country.

The result is a detailed report plenty of data obtained from official sources, like the Council of Gijón, the "Jove" Hospital, and "Cabañueles" Hospital. The pupils don’t judge the data, only show them.

The metropolitan area of the council of Gijón has 92 base stations, added to at least 299 masts, most of all with official permission, although not all. "El Llano", with 14 base stations with 5 antennas is the neighbourhood where the radiation emissions are the highest. The largest number of cancer cases (760 cases) were diagnosed there during the last 5 years.

Pupils who sign this report have proved that on the streets near base stations, the number of cancer cases are "highly random", in opposite direction at the areas where there is no presence of base stations "the statistics repeats the results, they don’t change". "Masts don’t have antennas to all directions, but to determinated areas of the city", warn the pupils, who checked a "larger concentration" of cancer patients "in the area where this beams emit". The authors of this work call this peculiarity "cone effect", because this is the geometric figure who appears when they gather on a map with the help of a pencil the homes of the cancer patients diagnosed the past 5 years. This is not all. The documented effort of the pupils concludes that the new cancer cases diagnosed in town are in higher rate at the buildings that receive the "combined action of several combined masts".

Alarmed by the incidence of cancer at several neigbourhoods in Gijón confirmed by graphic maps, the authors declare that "our intention is only to show the actual situation, not attack or offend to any company". "We just show the facts, we don’t look for someone to blame", they say. The thirteen of "La Asunción" own and use their mobile phones, "but now with more precautions at initiate or finish the calls", says Julio César García, the only male of the research group with twelve girls, one of them, Ana Riera, presented a study about relation between cancer and mast already, but limited to "El Bibio" building where in short period of time 13 cancer cases appeared.

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