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  1. Israel/Porat: "Das Todesdorf" - Erschütternde Reportage der größten israelischen Tageszeitung
  2. Israel/Porat: Behörden ordnen Demontage des Hillel-Senders an: auch in Zoran viele Krebsfälle und Fehlgeburten
  3. Millionenklagen durch Krebsopfer nun auch in Israel
  4. Israel/Zoran: Mittlerweile 27 Krebsfälle - Durchschnittsalter: 38 Jahre
  5. update about Usfie 18.02.05
  6. A wind of change
  7. Bericht aus Israel: Brandanschläge auf Mobilfunksender nach Krebsfällen bei Jugendlichen
  8. Israel TV show report
  9. Jerusalem Report
  10. The Israeli army soldiers started using TETRA since 2004
  11. Warning before EMF-R high court lawsuit
  13. ICNIRP responds to an Israeli journalist
  14. 2005, the 34th soldier committed suicide
  15. Israeli Army removes antennas
  16. Israel, the criminal responsibility
  17. International Electromagnetic Holocaust
  18. Dr. Sadezki separate the Swedish study from the INTERPHONE
  19. Neve Horesh, in Dimona, 200 people destroyed a cellular antenna
  20. Wimax in Israel; Clarins invented a spray against the mobile phones effects...
  21. Bringing the antennas closer to children in Palestine
  22. INTERPHONE does not rule out dangers
  23. The neighbours did a "lynch" to cellular antennas
  24. Further details on the people who destroyed the antennas
  25. Kindergarten closed - high tension line can hurt your child's health
  26. A new study from Israel - Mechanism of a short-term ERK activation by electromagnetic fields at mobile phone
  27. The non-ionizing law in Israel entered into effect in January 2007.
  28. 3G antennas (umts) in israel are illegal
  29. The non-ionizing radiation law
  30. Residents of the Druze village of Peki'in in northern Israel were furious about a cellular antenna installed on top of a chicken coop
  31. Eli Richter's expert opinion wins in court
  32. Ministers want cellular antennas left on balconies
  33. TV programme in Israel
  34. The experts: Don't panic, it's only cancer
  35. Interphone, the exclusive article in Yedioth Ahronot
  36. Mobile phones 'cancer link': Mouth tumours 50% more likely after heavy us
  37. Israel Interphone: the association between cellular phone use and develop- ment of parotid gland tumors (PGTs)
  38. The burning of cellular antennas by Druze communities in Israel
  39. Is the Knesset being irradiated by microwaves?
  40. Env ministry bans the cellular companies
  41. Jerusalem Conference 19 - 25 oktober 2010,7340,L-3386243,00.html

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