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Hamburg, 11.10.2006

Chemtrails- chemistry in stripes above Hamburg, distributed in Hamburg on 23.09.2006
Strong wind ca 4-5 degrees above ground, blowing from west to the east, clear blue sky apart of chemtrails. Picture taken at 5 PM by Krzysztof Puzyna

Visible proof of chemtrails existance

Proof for existence of magnetic properties of pictured clouds as described in Welsbach's patent.

Welsbach's patent (288,5KB) is an invention purchased and patented by Hughes Aerospace of Los Angeles from two Chinese scientists I-Fu Shih and David Chang.

Station of digital television in Hamburg
*** shows star structure of its electromagnetic radiation through chemtrails which are mixture of barite with aluminium microdust sprayed in the atmosphere by army aircrafts allover the world according to secret plans.

Propaganda ridicules these theories providing explanations like airplanes? exhaust fumes or signal gases.

Picture #1 for the first time in the world we can see magnetic features of so called "exhaust fumes". These features are clearly arriving from Welsbach?s patent about chemtrails: aluminium dust reflects UV radiation and creates electromagnetic field with barite.

Picture #1 is the first proof of chemtrails existence. This picture shows that electromagnetic field intensity changed structure of this cloud to star shaped regardless strong wind (5°).

This proofs that clouds are electromagnetic sensitive and considering that vapour does not have this sensitiveness it proofs that these are not exhaust fumes or steam but chemtrails made of aluminium dust sensitive to electromagnetic radiation.

***DVTB station in Hamburg has strengthen its power in order to provide better reception of TV programmed. Influence of human health has not yet been analyzed neither studied. This is potential source of health hazard for citizens of large cities like Hamburg or Munich

Additional photo taken at 6 PM. Check for more at Streifen am Himmel